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Dead State

Dead State

Articles associated with this tag:

6-Feb-2015 RPG Codex Review: Dead State
16-Jun-2012 RPG Codex Interview: DoubleBear on Dead State
11-Jun-2012 Let's raise $5,000 for Dead State.
9-Mar-2020 Matt Chat 443: Annie VanderMeer on Dead State
14-Feb-2018 Taking Care of Business - Iron Tower Studio 2018 Business Diary
5-Jan-2017 Dead State, Wasteland 2, and Torment Statue Raffles
25-Nov-2015 Dead State Goodies
13-May-2015 Dead State gets Reanimated
11-Mar-2015 Dead State Postmortem by Brian Mitsoda
4-Dec-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #54: The Big Day is Here - Dead State Officially Released!
31-Oct-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #51: Release Date Announced - December 4th, 2014
28-Aug-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #47: Beta Released!
25-Aug-2014 Dead State Interview with Brian Mitsoda at RPGWatch
18-Aug-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #46: New gameplay video, beta next week
19-Jul-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #45: Progress Report, Design Updates, and Polls
8-Jul-2014 Brian Mitsoda responds to Dead State vaporware accusations, reveals new release date
30-Jun-2014 Dead State Interview at Enthusiacs
27-Jun-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #44: Early Access Update 3
14-May-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #43: Early Access Update 2
24-Apr-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #42: New Screenshots
17-Mar-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #41: Early Access Update
13-Feb-2014 Dead State Released on Steam Early Access
8-Feb-2014 Dead State Early Access demo to launch on February 12th, save/load included
21-Jan-2014 Dead State Kickstarter Update #35: Early Access Demo Progress Update
3-Dec-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #34: Demo preview video, game coming to Steam Early Access on January
29-Oct-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #33: Demo Progress Report, New Screenshots
14-Sep-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #32: Post-PAX Update
3-Sep-2013 Barkley 2 and Dead State Presentations at PAX Prime
24-Aug-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #31: PAX Demo Screenshots and Q&A
15-Aug-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #30: Appearance at PAX Prime
3-Jul-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #29: Progress Report
15-May-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #28: Team Q&A Video
19-Apr-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #27: Full Party Control
17-Apr-2013 Dead State Greenlit by Steam
22-Mar-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #26: Now on Steam Greenlight and pre-orderable, video Q&A coming up
20-Mar-2013 Dead State Interview at Rock Paper Shotgun
15-Mar-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #25: Combat Video Released
9-Mar-2013 Dead State Lives: Combat Video Next Week
14-Jan-2013 Dead State Kickstarter Update #24: Screenshots and stuff, actual game footage coming soon
20-Nov-2012 Dead State Kickstarter Update #23
6-Oct-2012 Important Dead State Stuff
15-Aug-2012 Brian Mitsoda Interview at The Critical Bit
14-Aug-2012 The Latest on Dead State
6-Jul-2012 Dead State Successfully Funded
27-Jun-2012 Dead State Interview Bonanza
8-Jun-2012 Dead State Kickstarter: 50% Reached, First Stretch Goal Announced
6-Jun-2012 Dead State Interview at RockPaperShotgun
6-Jun-2012 Dead State Kickstarter Goes Live
29-May-2012 Dead State Design Update + Interview with Brian Mitsoda
22-May-2012 Dead State Teaser Video Revealed
15-May-2012 Dead State Design Update: Inventory/Looting GUI
2-May-2012 Dead State Design Update: Meet the Team
24-Apr-2012 DoubleBear Reveals Dead State GUI
17-Apr-2012 This Week, Brian Mitsoda Is Answering Your Questions (Dead State Q&A)
3-Apr-2012 New Dead State Screenshots Revealed
19-Mar-2012 Dead State, DoubleBear's Zombie RPG, To Go Kickstarter
16-Nov-2011 Dead State Design Update
25-Oct-2011 Dead State Design Update
27-Sep-2011 Dead State Needs You
20-Sep-2011 More Than Just Zombie Bashing
20-Sep-2011 Dead State Design Update
3-Aug-2011 Dead State - The Release Date Question
4-May-2011 Dead State Preview at PC Gamer
22-Feb-2011 Dead State Design Update
15-Dec-2010 Kitchen Knife: The Reckoning - A Zombie Tale

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