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Dead State Design Update: Meet the Team

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Dead State Design Update: Meet the Team

Development Info - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 2 May 2012, 10:06:46

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

DoubleBear Productions have put up a short new design update for Dead State, their post-zombie-apocalyptic role-playing game. This one is mostly about introducing the team behind the game:

Just a quick update this week. We’re hard at work locking down and polishing what we want to show for the Kickstarter. We want to make sure we show as much of the Dead State experience that we can before we ask fans and gamers to pledge money to our game. To that end, we’ve actually been expanding our team. The GUIs you saw last week were done by Mazin, who also did the GUIs for Age of Decadence. We’ve also added a composer to the team whose work you will be hearing soon.

That brings our team size up to about ten people working on weekly tasks for the game – and that’s not counting semi-regular contributors on the art side. I see my name or Annie’s thrown around as the “people who are working on the game” so I think this week I’ll do a refresher on who else has been working on this game.

Oscar – Oscar is our Lead Artist. Oscar supervises all of the other art tasks, and is responsible for much of the art and level work in the game. He is pretty much the jack-of-all-trades on the project and assists in design and scripting tasks in addition to his art lead responsibilities. Oscar is also responsible for the art direction on Age of Decadence.

Nick – Nick is our Lead Programmer. Nick is responsible for engine modification, content tools and systems implementation, and pretty much anything that has to do with the code. Nick is building upon code he worked on for Age of Decadence, though Dead State has plenty of new features that have kept him busy.

Ivan – Ivan is our animator on Dead State. You’ll be seeing a lot more of his work when we show off footage of the game. Ivan also worked on the animations for Age of Decadence.

Kim – Kim is our portrait and 2D artist. She has done all of the portraits for Dead State and is working on multiple other 2D art tasks such as inventory icons.

Brandon – Brandon is another 2D artist specializing in logos. Any time you see a store logo (of which there are many in a modern day game), mascot, product billboard, or poster in the game, it was probably drawn by him.

Joao – Joao is a 3D artist who did all of the weapon models in the game and is currently working on level objects and level art.

Jason – Jason is another 3D artist and longtime contributor helping out with objects in the game.

Joey – Joey did the 3D models that you’ll see in the trailer and our screenshots.

Mazin – Mazin is our new GUI artist. He also worked on the Age of Decadence GUI.

Leif – Leif is our composer. You will hear his work in the trailer and some of our other promo material.

And that’s who is working on Dead State. Obviously, one reason we’re doing the Kickstarter is to compensate our team and allow them to devote all or most of their time to the project, which will allow us to plan around more rigid milestones. Many of our team members have been working on or contributing to the game for a while now. You’ll find most of them stopping by here on the boards, so feel free to give them a virtual thumbs up.​

So there are people working on this other than Brian and Annie? Shocking.

The update also includes a new screenshot of the infirmary upgrade for the shelter, which you might want to check out.

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