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Dead State Design Update: Inventory/Looting GUI

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Dead State Design Update: Inventory/Looting GUI

Development Info - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 15 May 2012, 12:40:39

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

In this week's design update, Brian Mitsoda and the DoubleBear team reveal a picture of the inventory/looting GUI for their post-zombie apocalypsis RPG Dead State, soon coming to a Kickstarter near you:

As we grow ever closer to launching our Kickstarter, here’s a work-in-progress look at our looting GUI to keep you excited about the forthcoming videos.


We’ve got a pretty simple layout for our inventory. The player’s inventory is on the left side, where the container or body is on the right side. The tabs at the top are toggles to quickly find items by category. You can sort through your entire inventory by advancing each page. Most supply items, thrown items, and ammo will stack. Selecting an item will show a description of the item in the 3x5 at the bottom of the screen.

Your carry weight is determined by your strength. On the whole, when you factor in the weight of your armor and weapons, your own inventory space may not be many pages long, especially if your character isn’t strong and likes to wear heavy armor and carry shields. Allies can hold excess inventory, which can be done in a trade interface outside of combat.

Additionally, we would like to tweak this inventory screen to be used for a barter interface, when we have the time. Essentially, NPCs that want a certain item will weigh that class of items higher than of an item they do not want or have too much of. Bartering isn’t common in Dead State, though you may find a few folks who will trade surplus supplies.

Also, you may notice we have toned down the colors in the GUI based on the forum feedback. The inventory screen is no different – let us know what you think.​

To see the looting GUI in a higher resolution, visit the official design update thread at DoubleBear's forum.

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