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Dead State Early Access demo to launch on February 12th, save/load included

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Dead State Early Access demo to launch on February 12th, save/load included

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 8 February 2014, 16:40:31

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

Shortly after Dead State's 35th Kickstarter update, the game showed up on Steam with a release date of "Coming Soon". Here's what its Early Access description said:

Dead State: The First Seven Days - Early Access Demo Coming Soon!
Dead State: The First Seven Days is an early, WIP preview of the first week of Dead State's gameplay - an opportunity to prepare your strategy for the full game and help us test and polish the full Dead State experience. You'll meet some of your initial allies, explore a dozen or so locations, and settle into your base of operations, the Shelter. There are several solid hours of gameplay in the Early Access alone, and it barely scratches the surface of what the full game will provide.

1. Why is our game in Early Access?

We are releasing on early access to show our progress to Kickstarter backers/pre-order customers, as well as to bring the pre-release game to potential customers who supported us on Greenlight and have been asking us to bring a version of the game out on Steam. We would also like to get feedback on this earlier revision of the game so that we can improve the game for release.

2. How long do we plan to be in Early Access?
Our current goal is no more than 3-5 months, though we would like to release the final game as perfect and bug-free as possible.

3. What is the current state of the game?
The game is about to enter Beta internally, though we may decide to take extra time and revamp some of the current systems and assets.

4. What features are we planning to add to the game?
Right now, we're working on getting additional content/areas/art into the game, revamping some of the GUIs, and working on improving AI. The biggest missing features right now are Save/Load, final intros/endings, our final XP system, some skill/perk functionality, and animal NPCs, but these features along with many others are planned for future updates.

5. What is our pricing strategy during and after Early Access?
Early Access will be discounted to $24.99 until release, at which point the price will be $30.

6. How can the Steam Community help us during our development process?
We will be monitoring gameplay feedback from the Community, tracking technical issues, helping players with bugs/issues, and making sure players are kept informed about changes and release info.

From all of us at DoubleBear, thank you for your support and enjoy Dead State: The First Seven Days!”
Sounds good...wait, no Save/Load? Well, no worries about that, because it seems DoubleBear saw the Codex's wailing and gnashing of edgy teeth and got spooked, because they released an additional Kickstarter update a bit over a week afterwards that reassured:

A quick update – I know everyone wants this update to say “we’re launching today” but we had to put that off for another round of testing. We’re merging in our save/load system into the build to make it easier for players to get through the many hours of the demo, which will have the side benefit of making it easier to test for the team and some of our volunteers. We’re also adding in a few other items we’ve been working on, such as time of day lighting and turn order elements to the new combat GUI. If there are no issues with save/load, we’ll do one more round of progression testing to make sure there are no other showstoppers or outstanding issues, then we’ll package the Early Access build for release and work on getting it up to Steam.

It won’t be too much longer of a wait (as I said last time, we were already saying early February was a possibility), and as always, we will let you know the minute we start sending codes to backers. Thanks for your continued patience.​

Phew, nerdrage averted! The reason I'm posting this today, however, is because the game's Steam page was updated this morning, informing us that the demo's release date is February 12th. They have not, however, edited out the part about there being no Save/Load functionality. You might wanna take care of that, guys - it could lose you lots of sales.

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