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Dead State Kickstarter Update #41: Early Access Update

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Dead State Kickstarter Update #41: Early Access Update

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 17 March 2014, 21:01:06

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

The Early Access version of Dead State received its first major update today. The accompanying Kickstarter update explains what the folks at DoubleBear have been up to in the meantime:

In case you missed it, we updated the Steam Early Access build over the weekend. There’s a full list of changes in the update on the Steam page, but the biggest changes are random encounters during map travel, fixes to combat crash bugs, job board functionality improved, and minor fixes related to gameplay.

While some of our time has been spent updating/fixing bugs in the build, the rest of our work has been focused on implementing Beta content. Art and design have been building out areas and implementing content to allow for progression testing for the first month of the game and beyond. The majority of the most complex characters have been scripted and several new ally-related maps have been added to the internal build. We've also been focused on earmarking certain maps and encounters to allow for more reactivity from the human groups you meet.

We’re going to continue to work on adding additional functionality to the demo while we work to get the Beta build finished for internal testing. We've added a full-time tester to the team to help us with the immense amount of content that needs to be run through the grinder and polished up for the final game. It’s a pretty exciting (and busy) time for the team right now. For all of those that have given us feedback – thanks for taking the time to do that for us. If you have feedback or bugs that you want to bring to our attention, we have a sub-forum dedicated to the Early Access build.

For those of you that have been wondering, none of the rewards have been sent out yet. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed any packages from us. If you have changed your address since the survey was completed, Kickstarter now allows you to change your address information, so please try to keep this up to date. We’ll be sending out notification after our release to let everyone know when rewards are about to be shipped.

Back to production schedules, dialogue/map editors, and buglists for me – check back with you all in a few weeks.
The update's changelog is available here. I'm certainly glad to hear that zombies will no longer "get up after knocking someone down, move to another square, and then feast on empty square".

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