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Dead State Kickstarter Update #25: Combat Video Released

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Dead State Kickstarter Update #25: Combat Video Released

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 15 March 2013, 09:13:01

Tags: Brian Mitsoda; Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

Like they promised last week, DoubleBear have released a work-in-progress combat video for their postapocalyptic zombie RPG Dead State. Here's the video as well as an excerpt from the accompanying Kickstarter update:

What you’re about to see is our work-in-progress combat demo. It shouldn’t be seen as a preview of a final game, but as a milestone that shows a lot of our basic systems coming online as a playable whole. There’s still a lot to create and balance, but the basics of the game that you helped fund is taking shape. Let’s take a first look:

-Everything you’re seeing is real-time, no editing tricks, no pre-scripted behavior. AI reacts to noise and zombies will spawn to the map if you make too much noise. They spawn at the blue exit zones.

-Llano is one of the first areas, and it’s fairly forgiving. Both Vic and the player character were slightly more buff than they would be for the final game. They are using lower level equipment and have no armor on.

-Although I didn’t loot every container, collecting supplies is really important. Combat is dangerous, but sometimes unavoidable. Killing enemies doesn’t give skill points - gathering resources or meeting objectives does – but all the same it’s a good idea to stay well-equipped and alert.

-You may notice guns are noisy but powerful. It may be easier to clear out zombies with them, but you will constantly alert area zombies or summon new zombies to the map, which will chew up your ammo. Ammo is pretty scarce in our game. Enemies are dipping into their ammo on hand – if they use it up on you, they won’t have any when you loot them.

-Pathfinding is unoptimized, which will explain some slowdown in narrow areas/near doorways.

-The looter is reloading on her turn. Since there’s no animation, it might seem like she’s not doing anything, but that’s what she’s doing. You may notice it when Vic just stands there on his turn too.

-Zombie noises are placeholder. A final sound pass will happen closer to beta.

-Zombies have a grapple attack that is not featured here. The only attack they have in the video is their basic claw attack. They are a lot more dangerous when they have their full set of bites/takedowns, which are being fine-tuned right now.

-Weapons have multiple attacks. We're still working on alt animations and effects, so we didn't show them off.​

Glad to see the game is progressing; I was getting a bit worried already.

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