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Brian Mitsoda

Brian Mitsoda

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19-Aug-2020 [People News] Brian Mitsoda fired from Bloodlines 2
13-Nov-2019 [Development Info] Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #7: PDXCON Recap
19-Oct-2019 [Game News] Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse announcements at PDXCON 2019
16-Oct-2019 [Game News] Bloodlines 2 delayed to later in 2020
11-Jun-2019 [Game News] PC Gaming Show at E3 2019: Bloodlines 2 Gameplay Trailer
30-May-2019 [Game News] Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Malkavian
23-May-2019 [Game News] Bloodlines 2 Clan Introduction - Ventrue
22-Apr-2019 [Development Info] Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #1: Who is Hardsuit Labs?
22-Mar-2019 [Game News] Paradox announce Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 with Brian Mitsoda onboard as narrative lead
11-Mar-2015 [Editorial] Dead State Postmortem by Brian Mitsoda
4-Dec-2014 [Game News] Dead State Kickstarter Update #54: The Big Day is Here - Dead State Officially Released!
25-Aug-2014 [Interview] Dead State Interview with Brian Mitsoda at RPGWatch
8-Jul-2014 [Development Info] Brian Mitsoda responds to Dead State vaporware accusations, reveals new release date
30-Jun-2014 [Interview] Dead State Interview at Enthusiacs
3-Dec-2013 [Game News] Dead State Kickstarter Update #34: Demo preview video, game coming to Steam Early Access on January
3-Sep-2013 [Preview] Barkley 2 and Dead State Presentations at PAX Prime
10-Jul-2013 [Editorial] Reanimated: Eurogamer VTM:B retrospective profiles Brian Mitsoda and Wesp5
15-May-2013 [Game News] Dead State Kickstarter Update #28: Team Q&A Video
20-Mar-2013 [Interview] Dead State Interview at Rock Paper Shotgun
15-Mar-2013 [Game News] Dead State Kickstarter Update #25: Combat Video Released
13-Mar-2013 [Game News] Torment Kickstarter Update #6: Meres, Castoff's Labyrinth and Brian Mitsoda!
9-Mar-2013 [Game News] Dead State Lives: Combat Video Next Week
15-Aug-2012 [Interview] Brian Mitsoda Interview at The Critical Bit
27-Jun-2012 [Interview] Dead State Interview Bonanza
16-Jun-2012 [Interview] RPG Codex Interview: DoubleBear on Dead State
29-May-2012 [Information] Dead State Design Update + Interview with Brian Mitsoda
17-Apr-2012 [Information] This Week, Brian Mitsoda Is Answering Your Questions (Dead State Q&A)
19-Mar-2012 [Game News] Dead State, DoubleBear's Zombie RPG, To Go Kickstarter
21-Oct-2011 [Interview] Brian Mitsoda Interview
20-Sep-2011 [Interview] More Than Just Zombie Bashing
3-Aug-2011 [Development Info] Dead State - The Release Date Question
13-Oct-2010 [Development Info] Zombie Randomization
22-Sep-2010 [Development Info] DoubleBear: Dead State Q&A
17-Sep-2010 [Interview] GameBanshee does Dead State
25-Aug-2010 [Interview] Dead State Revealed
10-Aug-2010 [Development Info] DoubleBear Team Introduction
3-Aug-2010 [Development Info] Video Games Take a Long Time to Make
2-Aug-2010 [Interview] Trzynasty Schron interviews Brian Mitsoda
14-Jul-2010 [Development Info] DoubleBear ZRPG Design Update
11-May-2010 [Development Info] ZombieBear DoublePoll
20-Apr-2010 [Development Info] Doublebear Design Update
13-Apr-2010 [Development Info] DoubleBear Design Update
30-Mar-2010 [Development Info] DoubleBear Zombie Influences
10-Feb-2010 [Preview] Morale in DoubleBear's Zombie RPG
11-Dec-2009 [Interview] DoubleBear's ZRPG - Know your Meth Dealer
6-Aug-2009 [Development Info] BRIIIIAAAAAAANS!
18-May-2007 [Interview] The Dialogue Interview

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