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DoubleBear's ZRPG - Know your Meth Dealer

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DoubleBear's ZRPG - Know your Meth Dealer

Interview - posted by Jason on Fri 11 December 2009, 08:39:44

Tags: Brian Mitsoda; DoubleBear Productions

Brian Mitsoda let the gang at Critical Gamer quiz him on the upcoming DoubleBear Zombie RPG.

CG: With Zombies being essentially mindless, you’ve mentioned that more focus will be placed on the humans and the psychological effects of a Zombie Apocalypse. What kinds of people can we expect to meet on our travels through ZRPG?

BM: There’s Mystika, the surly thief with a secret crush on the player, Xynax, the stuck-up wizard-in-training who thinks he’s better than us, and M. Byson, the psychic nazi running a secret organization that plans to take over the world by entering a secret fighting tournament. Oh, wait… no, they’re definitely not in the game.

You know your neighbour? The one that’s got the piece of shit car in their yard, keeps weird hours, buys industrial size cans of Beefaroni, and may or may not be dealing meth? Okay, so someone vaguely resembling that could be in the game, except that he’s got the upper hand in this scenario and all the other neighbours that have wanted him to move out for the longest time are already dead. That gives you an idea of the kind of people that populate the game, kind of. There’s quite a few humans in the game and nearly all of them could be allies or enemies depending on how you handle the situation.​
What's more interesting is learning that Brian did the voice for Romero in Bloodlines. Somebody should tell me these things.

Thanks to Michael for the tip

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