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Morale in DoubleBear's Zombie RPG

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Morale in DoubleBear's Zombie RPG

Preview - posted by Jason on Wed 10 February 2010, 08:26:00

Tags: Brian Mitsoda; DoubleBear Productions

Brian Mitsoda is doling out more details on DoubleBear's Zombie RPG (they really need to nail down a title) over at the Iron Tower Forums. This week he delves into the morale system.

The amount of Morale that an ally loses is equal to their Mood. Each ally loses Morale every day, no matter what their Mood – even under the best circumstances, the reality of living after society has broken down takes its toll on the survivors. There are several ranges of Mood, from Good to Disgruntled, with the least amount of Morale being lost if they have a positive outlook on their survival. Mood is influenced by player actions and events that have affected the Shelter or that ally, both good and bad. Mood is not necessarily tied to an ally’s respect for the player – for example, their Mood might drop because a loved one dies – but making people hate you is not going to do wonders for their Mood and the Shelter’s Morale.​
From further on down the thread:

Players can see their ally's mood. If they are in a Good mood, then they are only losing -1 Morale a day - not hard to compensate for. You don't know what their actual Mood score is, you just know that they seem to be "Good" and unless something happens to drop that, they will continue to be 'Good". It's when you start getting down to the worse Moods that you have to worry about both the Morale hit (it's much larger per day) and the fact that they are more desperate and therefore more likely to either do something dangerous or stupid (like panic in battle or even commit suicide, for example). Note that there are several levels of Mood and it's not just a drop from Good to "terrible stuff is going to happen", there's a gradual slide, though some events will drop their Mood pretty quick.​
Emphasis added for awesomeness. Goading annoying NPCs into offing themselves could possibly be the greatest RPG mini-game of all time.

Spotted at: GameBanshee

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