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Dead State - The Release Date Question

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Dead State - The Release Date Question

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 3 August 2011, 09:14:16

Tags: Brian Mitsoda; Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

You probably wonder when DoubleBear are going to release their first game Dead State. Here's the answer. A snippet:

We’ve been getting the “when is the game being released?” question a lot on the forums, email, and Facebook. We’ve answered this multiple times in the forum, it’s in the FAQ, and we’ve declared it in interviews, but we’re still getting this question a lot. And in many ways, that’s great, people are enthusiastic – we’re glad there’s a lot of interest. But let me explain the realities and responsibility of independent development a little bit better so that everyone understands why we don’t have a release date. (Note: this is going to be redundant for a lot of forum regulars.)

1. Games (especially with a small team and limited funding) take a long time to make. Especially RPGs.

2. Not everything that goes into a game can be shown off in pictures and video. Posting Nick's code or my design mockups or a door Oscar just modeled isn't going to really excite you much. You want to see what looks like a game, and not everything we're working on is exciting. Believe it or not, many studios spend godawful amounts of time on work that will be mostly thrown out so that they have a facade that looks good for demos but isn't really a real game.

3. We keep the updates going so people don't freak out if we suddenly stop posting. Sometimes we show off stuff that will appeal to casual fans, sometimes there is stuff for regulars here.

4. The game is done when we're finished. We could cut a bunch of features and narrow the scope of the design, but why? This is DoubleBear's first game and we want you to impressed enough to buy other games from us. If we released it early for the sake of releasing it, chances are people would be posting, "when is this game going to be fixed?" which is much worse than "when is it going to be released?"

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