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More Than Just Zombie Bashing

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More Than Just Zombie Bashing

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 20 September 2011, 14:38:09

Tags: Brian Mitsoda; Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

Despite the harsh conditions outlined in the previous newspost, someone managed to score an interview with DoubleBear's Brian Mitsoda about Dead State.

Like many other RPGs, Dead State has several skills and stats available to the player, but will they be chosen by the player in a more traditional sense (i.e. earning a certain amount of ExP will let you get better at a skill of your liking, or are you going for a more unconventional system? Also, will there be any sort of classes that define which skills the player has, or will the player just be designated “survivor”?
Our system’s not dissimilar to Bloodlines, really. Instead of leveling up after a set amount of experience and redistributing points right then and there, the player can accumulate skill points by fulfilling objectives and spending them whenever they want. This puts control of when the player gets skill points into their hands – if they really need one to level up a skill, they can try to squeeze in one more objective (collect food, scout a location, complete an upgrade) to get that point immediately.
There aren’t any real classes, but the player won’t be able to max out every skill and stat. Someone who puts points into the survival skill (good for finding wild sources of food and faster travel in the world map) would be considered a great outdoorsman, while someone with high medical skill would be considered a doctor. Higher skill levels cost more points but the rewards are better, so it’s best to specialize in a few skills, but there’s nothing stopping a player from being average at everything.

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