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DoubleBear: Dead State Q&A

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DoubleBear: Dead State Q&A

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 22 September 2010, 15:20:00

Tags: Brian Mitsoda; DoubleBear Productions

Brian Mitsoda decides to answer YOUR questions concerning Dead State.

It's once again time for a Q and A with the developers of Dead State. Since we have a lot of new members and people have been curious about systems in the game, here's an official thread to ask the devs your questions about Dead State. We'll keep checking this thread until next Monday, so if you have a question that you absolutely need to know the answer to, this is the week to ask. We'll put the really good ones in our FAQ.
Here are a few samples:

How many NPC there will be? How many party memberes can go on mission with me? Do you plan party memberes that can´t be used in combat but have another use?
There will be a lot of NPCs and potential allies. You can take up to three out at a time for a total of 4 people in the party. You can take practically anyone out into combat, though you'll find that many aren't suited to it and that they are better suited to another role at the Shelter.
How do you guys plan on scaling enemies? By level? By location? Over time? Will it be completely random? Or something else?
Enemies don't scale to your level. More dangerous enemies tend to be encountered over time as you spread out your scavenging range or they do. Sometimes encounters may just be difficult because of the amount of enemies or the layout of the level (area exposes you to attack or provides no easy route of escape if zombies mob you). Dangerous enemies have better stats, equipment, and AI (they won't panic).
How much detail can we expect for weapons in the game?  Will it be generic "Automatic Pistol"?  Or "9mm" vs. ".45"?  Or will we see make, models, manufacturers, etc.?
Weapons are broken down by type. For melee weapons, a weapon might be categorized as a "knife" weapon if they are a one-handed bladed weapon. For guns, a weapon would be broken down similarly, except they could also be distinguished by ammo type. The "pistol" category is made up of one-handed guns, but a 9mm uses different ammo than the .38. While we have weapons inspired by real weapons, we don't use any actual models, for legal reasons.
Ask your own questions there.
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