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Dead State Kickstarter Update #45: Progress Report, Design Updates, and Polls

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Dead State Kickstarter Update #45: Progress Report, Design Updates, and Polls

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Sat 19 July 2014, 15:00:26

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

In the new Kickstarter update for their zombie survival RPG Dead State, DoubleBear talk about the progress they've made since the last Early Access update:

Well, we've been doing some seriously heavy internal testing to prepare everything, and our whole team's focused on a multitude of features, fixes, and assets that will make the open beta that much better when it's released.

Here's a quick progress update:

* Our art team's cranking out assets for unique and special areas, unique armor models, and new NPC models;

* Our programming team is working on implementing dogs, shelter upgrades, and character perks and traits, as well as the usual bug-fixing;

* Our animator is working through importing a number of new and existing animal, human and undead animations into the build and creating new dialogue gesture animations;

* Our design team is crafting crisis events, adding ever more allies and their corresponding dialogues to the game, and working on new and old levels;

* Our sound designer is busily working on weapon-related SFX, and recently provided us with new explosion sounds

* Our composer's finished most of Dead State's core tracks (of which there are many!) and is getting started soon on a unique track for the ending theme.​

Aside from that, Annie and Brian Mitsoda have also resumed their Monday Design Updates, which you might want to check out, too. The latest one, from July 14th, has to do with the game's conversations -- how they help flesh things out and what DoubleBear's current goals with those are.

Also, check out the full update for the list of polls (e.g. "What are you looking forward to the most for the upcoming beta?") that the developers are currently running on their forum.

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