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Dead State Kickstarter Update #30: Appearance at PAX Prime

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Dead State Kickstarter Update #30: Appearance at PAX Prime

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 15 August 2013, 19:15:53

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

If you recall, last month's Kickstarter update for Dead State spoke of an incoming "big announcement". Today's update reveals what the team at DoubleBear was so excited about:

We can finally share a big announcement with everyone – we will be showing Dead State in the Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime this year! If you’re going to be at PAX on any of the four days this year, swing by the Indie Megabooth and come play a demo of Dead State.

We’ve been working hard all summer to add functionality to Dead State’s build and to get our demo ready for PAX. You’ll be able to see both the progress we’ve made and get a look at the WIP demo which showcases the first two days of Dead State. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to. Swing by the booth and meet Annie, Christina, Oscar, or me, and we’ll give you a guided tour of the demo. Being a part of the Indie Megabooth has been a huge goal for us and we’re in good company – there are dozens of indie developers to come see in the booth this year (we will be just as excited to see their work as some of you will be to see Dead State.)

For those who can’t make it to PAX, fear not, as we will make sure that between press and our YouTube channel that you get a good look at the state of Dead State. Indie Megabooth and PAX coverage should start appearing around the end of August. Expect a lot more information about Dead State from now on. We’re really excited to be able to finally show off our progress on Dead State to the gaming community, so please look for us at PAX and keep watching our forums and Kickstarter for the latest info on Dead State!

For more information on the Indie Megabooth, here’s a link to the site:

Uh, okay. More information is good!

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