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Dead State Kickstarter Update #26: Now on Steam Greenlight and pre-orderable, video Q&A coming up

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Dead State Kickstarter Update #26: Now on Steam Greenlight and pre-orderable, video Q&A coming up

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 22 March 2013, 12:15:02

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

It appears that the folks at DoubleBear are taking advantage of Dead State's recent little burst of publicity. A post on the game's official forums reports that it is now available for pre-order:

Dead State is now available for Pre-Order!​

You can order (and gift) the standard DRM-free Digital Copy here:​

Or the Digital Deluxe pack with the DRM-free digital copy, the Dead State Soundtrack MP3s, and the “Making of Dead State” digital book, here:​

Pre-ordering now guarantees you a lower price than the release price.​

Why should you pre-order Dead State?

Some of you may have wanted to pre-order during our Kickstarter and missed out. Others may have not even heard of us until recently and want to help out. The biggest reason to pre-order is that, as an indie company, every single dollar we make goes right into production. Additional pre-order money not only helps support the current team, but helps us bring on additional team members to polish the game even further than we had hoped. We completely understand if you want to wait for release – that’s great too – but pre-ordering now will assist us with the game as we create it.​

Don’t worry, though – if you contributed in the past or are pre-ordering now, we remain committed to making the same great survival RPG that we always were. Your backing means a lot – thanks for supporting Dead State!​

Perhaps more importantly, Dead State has also (finally!) gotten its own entry on Steam Greenlight. According to a different post on the official forums, if the game is successfully Greenlit, all Kickstarter backers will receive a Steam code for it. So go there and vote, people!

Update: A Kickstarter update has been released to announce this news, and also to report on an upcoming video Q&A session with the developers. I quote:

For our next update, we will be doing a video QA with the developers. We’ll be taking the top 10-15 questions from the community and answering them on camera. Ask us about Dead State, DoubleBear, the developers, or even our previous games, but understand that we will be most likely to answer the questions we haven’t already answered somewhere else. In other words, make your questions as clever or creative as you can. ​

For example, if you’ve ever wondered how an art lead manages the art team or what a producer does or how a composer gets an idea for a piece of music – these are great questions to ask. Or maybe everyone just wants to know what our favorite recipes are. We’ll find out what the community wants and give it to them next month. You can ask questions in the comments to this update or at our forums. Make them count!​

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