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Kitchen Knife: The Reckoning - A Zombie Tale

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Kitchen Knife: The Reckoning - A Zombie Tale

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 15 December 2010, 11:08:10

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

Brian Mitsoda posted another Dead State design update on the Iron Tower forums, this time he's taking a look at a specific weapon: the kitchen knife.

As you can see, it’s a pretty common knife, not really designed for combat. That’s reflected in its skills. But before we talk about its stats, let’s take a look at the basics pros and cons of knives in the game.

-Bladed weapons, which means that every attack they do has some chance to cause bleeding.
-Lighter, quicker weapons, giving all knives some chance to counter an enemy’s attack.
-All knives are one-handed weapons, which means there is no penalty to switch to them from other one-handed weapons.
-Good critical chance.
-AP cost for basic attack is on the lower side.

-Knives do less damage than most other types of weapons.
-Despite higher crit rate, critical hit multiplier is low.
-Better models of knives are harder to find.
-Knives do significantly less damage to zombies than humans.

Here are the stats of the kitchen knife:

Hands: 1 (Can keep another object in second hand)
Range: 1 (Must be standing next to target)
Type: Slashing (Counts as Slashing damage, not good VS armor with high Slashing Resistance)
Stat Chance: Counter 40%, Bleeding 20%  (Good counter chance, decent chance to cause bleeding)
Noise: 2 (Extremely quiet weapon)
Strength: 1 (Strength required to wield effectively, this one is one of the lightest)
ZDamage: 40% (It only does 40% of normal damage against zombies, so not good for undead)
Critical Hit Chance: 10% (Pretty high chance for criticals)
Critical Multiplier: 2 (But only does double damage)
Weight: 1 (Very light)
Break: 5% (Low chance to break)

Just look at all these numbers. What about those players who are not too much into nerd stuff like that? Will they be able to play this game at all? These are the questions RPG designers should ask themselves these days.


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