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Dead State Successfully Funded

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Dead State Successfully Funded

Game News - posted by Zed on Fri 6 July 2012, 00:15:42

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

Great news for fans of Dead State (the zombie game not really about zombies). The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has ended - and quite successfully so. The final numbers are showing $332,635, more than double the initial target. Congratulations!


Mr. and Mrs. Dweller Mitsoda writes:

$332,620! Animals Unlocked at the last sec - that was unbelievable! Thanks to everyone who pledged and believes in our team! You are the best! We had three last minute $5000 backers unlock the animals with minutes to spare. It was an amazing sight to see. I've never seen a community rally behind a developer like this. We are absolutely floored at the response and we can now begin working on the rest of the game.

To all our backers - thank you for your support and continued support. Please visit us on the forums and continue to give us your feedback. We're kind of in awe at the moment, so I'll cut this short. To all our backers, we are going to raise a glass to you tonight and give a toast in your honor. You are amazing! We can't wait to bring Dead State to you! And you'll be right there with us the rest of th e way. From all of us here at DoubleBear - THANK YOU!​

The Codex campaign is currently at $1,353, forcing them to implement quite a few Codex treats into the game. How about an in-game Codex ad poster?! A morale booster item based on Codex... shit?! Portraits?! In-game text messages?! And more!

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