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Matt Chat 443: Annie VanderMeer on Dead State

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Matt Chat 443: Annie VanderMeer on Dead State

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Mon 9 March 2020, 01:47:57

Tags: Annie VanderMeer; Dead State; DoubleBear Productions; Matt Barton

Here we go, the final episode of Matt Barton's interview with Annie VanderMeer. Only the first eight minutes or so are actually about Dead State. What went wrong with the game? Annie says it suffered from management issues at first, but that improved after DoubleBear hired a producer and they were eventually able to create new content at a good pace. The game's real problem is that the Torque engine was garbage and also that they made it too long. Still, she's proud of what they created. The rest of the episode consists of advice from Annie on how to break into indie game development and other such topics.

The next (and final?) interview in the Matt Chat revival tour will be with former Obsidian and inXile game director Kevin Saunders. Since this episode was short, Matt attached a sneak preview of it at the end.

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