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Matt Barton

Matt Barton

Articles associated with this tag:

14-Sep-2019 Matt Chat 426: Trent Oster on Blasteroids 3D and Shattered Steel
3-Sep-2019 Matt Chat 425: Trent Oster on Neverwinter Nights
5-Feb-2018 Matt Chat 397: Interview with Leonard Boyarsky, Part Three
28-Jan-2018 Matt Chat 396: Interview with Leonard Boyarsky, Part Two
23-Jan-2018 Matt Chat 395: Interview with Leonard Boyarsky
5-Feb-2017 Matt Chat 366: Jon Van Caneghem on Might and Magic
6-Jun-2016 Matt Chat 343: Joe and Hannah Williams on Copper Dreams
25-Jan-2016 Matt Chat 324: Interview with Styg, Part Three
15-Jan-2016 Matt Chat 323: Interview with Styg, Part Two
4-Jan-2016 Matt Chat 322: Interview with Styg
1-Nov-2015 Matt Chat 314: Jordan Weisman on the Origins of FASA and BattleTech
26-Oct-2015 Matt Chat 313: Jordan Weisman on BattleTech
27-Jul-2015 Matt Chat 301: Chris Avellone on Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear
21-Jul-2015 Matt Chat 300: Half of a Chris Avellone Interview
28-Jun-2015 Matt Chat 297: Brian Fargo on Bard's Tale IV
15-Jun-2015 Matt Chat 295: Rebecca Heineman on the Bard's Tale Trilogy Rerelease + Staglands Review
4-May-2015 Matt Chat 289: Paul Neurath on the Origin and Looking Glass Days
27-Apr-2015 Matt Chat 288: Paul Neurath on Underworld Ascendant
12-Apr-2015 Matt Chat 286: Interview with Whalenought Studios, Part Three
6-Apr-2015 Matt Chat 285: Interview with Whalenought Studios, Part Two
29-Mar-2015 Matt Chat 284: Interview with Whalenought Studios
15-Mar-2015 Matt Chat 283: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on the fall of SSI and going to Kickstarter
9-Mar-2015 Matt Chat 282: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on the early days at SSI
18-Oct-2014 Matt Chat 262: Robert Woodhead on developing Wizardry, and leaving Wizardry
12-Oct-2014 Matt Chat 261: Robert Woodhead on Wizardry
29-Sep-2014 Matt Chat 259: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on Seven Dragon Saga
15-Sep-2014 Matt Chat 257: Feargus Urquhart on KOTOR2, NWN2 and Fallout: New Vegas
8-Sep-2014 Matt Chat 256: Feargus Urquhart on the Life and Death of Black Isle Studios
31-Aug-2014 Matt Chat 255: Feargus Urquhart on Black Isle, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout 2
29-Aug-2014 Matt Chat 254: Feargus Urquhart on South Park, Pillars of Eternity, and More
1-Jul-2014 Matt Chat 247: Robert Sirotek on Sir-Tech in the 90s
23-Jun-2014 Matt Chat 246: Robert Sirotek on Wizardry 1-5
17-Jun-2014 Matt Chat 245: Robert Sirotek on Wizardry
9-Jun-2014 Matt Chat 244: Robert Sirotek on the Origins of Sir-Tech
25-May-2014 Matt Chat 242: Chris Avellone on Torment: Tides of Numenera
7-Apr-2014 Matt Chat 235: Brenda Romero after Sir-Tech
31-Mar-2014 Matt Chat 234: Brenda Romero on Jagged Alliance and Wizardry
25-Mar-2014 Matt Chat 233: Brenda Romero on Sir-Tech
29-Jan-2014 Matt Barton's Crowdfunding Campaign on Patreon
16-Dec-2013 Matt Chat 220: Matt Plays Wizardry 8
9-Dec-2013 Matt Chat 219: Guido Henkel's Career After Realms of Arkania
2-Dec-2013 Matt Chat 218: Guido Henkel on Manuals, Books and Realms of Arkania 1+2
25-Nov-2013 Matt Chat 217: Guido Henkel's Early Days
17-Nov-2013 Matt Chat 216: Guido Henkel on Deathfire
30-Jul-2013 Matt Chat 203: Matt Plays Frayed Knights
17-Jun-2013 Matt Chat 197: Lord British on the early Ultima games
3-Jun-2013 Matt Chat 196: Lord British on Ultima and Akalabeth
20-May-2013 Matt Chat 194: Neal Hallford on Dungeon Siege, Champions of Norrath, and Chris Taylor
13-May-2013 Matt Chat 193: Neal Hallford on Cavedog and Swords & Circuitry
9-May-2013 Matt Chat Special: Neal Hallford on Thief of Dreams
7-May-2013 Matt Chat 192: Neal Hallford on Betrayal at Krondor
29-Apr-2013 Matt Chat 191: Neal Hallford's Early Days
8-Apr-2013 Divinity: Original Sin Interview with Swen Vincke at Matt Chat + Kickstarter Update #8
1-Apr-2013 Matt Chat 188: Joel Billings on the Collapse of SSI
26-Mar-2013 Matt Chat 187: Lord British on Shroud of the Avatar
4-Mar-2013 Announcing: Matt Barton's Kickstarter Project!
21-Jan-2013 Matt Chat 181: Joel Billings (SSI) Interview
10-Dec-2012 Matt Chat 176: Matt Plays Eye of the Beholder
13-Nov-2012 Obsidian Entertainment Interview Roundup
5-Nov-2012 Matt Chat 171: Josh Sawyer on Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights
3-Nov-2012 Matt Barton on the state of today's CRPGs
29-Oct-2012 Matt Chat 170: The Coles on Hero-U & Dave Marsh on Shadowgate
6-Oct-2012 Matt Chat 167: Josh Sawyer on Project Eternity
2-Apr-2012 Matt Chat 142: Matt Plays Wasteland
2-Feb-2011 Matt Chat 91: Brian Fargo Part III
24-Jan-2011 Matt Chat 90: Brian Fargo on Wasteland & Fallout
17-Jan-2011 Matt Chat 89: Brian Fargo
11-Aug-2010 Matt Chat 71: Bard's Tale Won't Hold Your Hand
18-May-2010 Matt Chat 62: Chris Avellone

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