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Matt Chat 191: Neal Hallford's Early Days

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Matt Chat 191: Neal Hallford's Early Days

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Mon 29 April 2013, 01:23:14

Tags: Matt Barton; Neal Hallford; New World Computing; Planet's Edge

The latest episode of Matt Chat is a 40 minute interview with Betrayal at Krondor writer Neal Hallford, the first of a series. As you might expect, this episode covers Neal's beginnings in the gaming industry, from his time as a radio scriptwriter and roleplaying enthusiast up to his early work at New World Computing. The interview makes reference to Chris Taylor's ill-fated Wildman project, so I assume it was actually recorded months ago. How long is your backlog, Mr. Barton?

Don't forget to check out Neal's Kickstarter if you haven't already.

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