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Matt Chat 235: Brenda Romero after Sir-Tech

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Matt Chat 235: Brenda Romero after Sir-Tech

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Mon 7 April 2014, 12:49:22

Tags: Brenda Romero; Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes; Matt Barton; Playboy: The Mansion

In the latest episode of Matt Barton's interview with Brenda Romero, Brenda moves on to discussing her career post-Sir-Tech. The first 12 minutes or so are dedicated to two of her games from that period - the little-known D&D-themed console-based action RPG Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes and the vaguely notorious Sims clone Playboy: The Mansion. Her description of the latter title segues into an extended discussion of the topic of sex and violence in video games, which occupies the other 20 minutes of the episode.

Not very interesting, really. Come on Matt, ask her about Druid or Nemesis or Shaker or something.

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