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Matt Chat 247: Robert Sirotek on Sir-Tech in the 90s

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Matt Chat 247: Robert Sirotek on Sir-Tech in the 90s

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Tue 1 July 2014, 14:53:09

Tags: Jagged Alliance; Matt Barton; Realms of Arkania; Robert Sirotek; Sir-Tech; Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge

The latest episode of Matt Barton's interview with Robert Sirotek focuses on Sir-Tech's activities in the 1990s. He starts off by talking a bit more about David Bradley and the Wizardry titles he created. Although he has much praise for the man, it's clear that he thinks Bradley had certain personality issues that prevented him from taking the Wizardry franchise forward into the evolving gaming landscape of the 90s - namely, his insistence on working alone. Robert follows up on that by describing the ways in which Sir-Tech evolved during that decade - the founding of Sir-Tech Canada as an in-house developer, the creation of the Jagged Alliance franchise (which actually started as some sort of newspaper tycoon simulation, believe it or not), and the publishing of Attic Entertainment's Realms of Arkania series in the United States.

The second half of the interview is dedicated to discussing the topic of Robert's famous interview with IGN from 1998. He still stands by what he said back then, claiming that retailer shenanigans and "Hollywood companies" had forced the once-diverse gaming industry to consolidate or perish. According to him, the need to observe retailer "marketing windows" was a main reason for why so many buggy games were released during that period, and his family preferred to wind up their company rather than go in that direction. He does, however, concede that overambitious developers may have played a part in that as well.

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