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Articles associated with this tag:

13-Nov-2012 A Codexian Fund-raiser
27-Apr-2012 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Robert Woodhead on Wizardry
27-Nov-2006 Forgotten Gems: Wizardry 8 Review
7-Jul-2014 Matt Chat 248: Robert Sirotek on Stones of Arnhem and Cleve Blakemore!
1-Jul-2014 Matt Chat 247: Robert Sirotek on Sir-Tech in the 90s
26-Jun-2014 The Digital Antiquarian on the decline of Wizardry and the (temporary) rise of The Bard's Tale
23-Jun-2014 Matt Chat 246: Robert Sirotek on Wizardry 1-5
17-Jun-2014 Matt Chat 245: Robert Sirotek on Wizardry
9-Jun-2014 Matt Chat 244: Robert Sirotek on the Origins of Sir-Tech
31-Mar-2014 Matt Chat 234: Brenda Romero on Jagged Alliance and Wizardry
25-Mar-2014 Matt Chat 233: Brenda Romero on Sir-Tech
16-Dec-2013 Matt Chat 220: Matt Plays Wizardry 8
2-Dec-2013 Matt Chat 218: Guido Henkel on Manuals, Books and Realms of Arkania 1+2
30-Oct-2013 Q&A with Wizardry 8 developer Lee Haneman at Night Dive Studios
23-May-2013 Wizardry 6-8 Released on GOG
21-May-2013 Ultima and Wizardry Retrospectives by Reggie Carolipio
8-May-2013 Wizardry's Wild Ride from West to East: VentureBeat on the fate of the Wizardry IP
7-Dec-2012 Codex Server Drive + Win a Wasteland 2 NPC, Weapon or Location!
17-Nov-2012 Ultima and Wizardry retrospectives at the Digital Antiquarian
13-Nov-2012 You Will Believe A Golden Baby Has Flown Before: Stones of Arnhem relics up for auction on eBay
21-Mar-2012 Making Wizardry: The Roots of Sir-Tech

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