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Ultima and Wizardry Retrospectives by Reggie Carolipio

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Ultima and Wizardry Retrospectives by Reggie Carolipio

Editorial - posted by Infinitron on Tue 21 May 2013, 03:19:39

Tags: Origin Systems; Reggie Carolipio; Sir-Tech; Ultima; Wizardry

So, it turns out that over the past three months, Reggie Carolipio, the guy who wrote that cool article about the Wizardry IP for VentureBeat, has written very thorough retrospective articles for almost every game in both the Ultima and the Wizardry series. You can find them at his blog, World 1-1, together with a treasure trove of retrospective articles for tons of other games, both RPG and non-RPG. Here are the links:
Actually, it seems that Mr. Carolipio has been writing articles like these for years now - we covered some of his articles about the roots of the CRPG genre way back in 2010. We'll be paying closer attention to you from now on, Reggie.

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