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Origin Systems

Origin Systems

Articles associated with this tag:

22-Oct-2013 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Warren Spector on Ultima, Origin, and CRPG Design
30-May-2011 Forgotten Gems: 2400 A.D.
20-Feb-2021 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima VIII
6-Sep-2019 The Digital Antiquarian on Arthurian Legends and Serpent Isle
15-Feb-2019 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima VII
19-Jan-2019 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima Underworld
2-Jun-2018 Design document for cancelled Ultima Underworld 3 project unearthed by Origin historian Pix
24-Feb-2018 The Digital Antiquarian on the Worlds of Ultima Games
13-Jul-2017 Warren Spector Interview on IGN Unfiltered
7-Apr-2017 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima VI
5-Feb-2016 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima V
4-May-2015 Matt Chat 289: Paul Neurath on the Origin and Looking Glass Days
16-Feb-2015 Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter Update #11: Sling Backer Goal, Stephen Russell, UW Retrospective
5-Dec-2014 Ultima Codex Interview: Ultima IX Lead Programmer Bill Randolph
8-Jul-2014 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima IV
12-Apr-2014 Ultima Codex Interview: Ultima VIII Project Director Mike McShaffry
18-Mar-2014 Ultima Codex Interview: Ultima VIII Programmer Jason Ely
5-Sep-2013 PC Gamer Retrospective Review - Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams
21-May-2013 Ultima and Wizardry Retrospectives by Reggie Carolipio
13-May-2013 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima III and the founding of Origin Systems
29-Mar-2013 Ultima Codex Interview: Ultima VII Lead Writer Raymond Benson
26-Mar-2013 Ultima Codex Interview: Serpent Isle Project Leader Bill Armintrout
3-Mar-2013 Ultima VIII: The Lost Vale and Arthurian Legends Interview at GameBanshee
27-Feb-2013 Footage from a 1998 Bard's Tale IV prototype revealed for the first time
26-Feb-2013 The Decline of Origin Systems, as seen through the eyes of artist Denis Loubet
26-Jan-2013 The Warren Spector Papers: Historical videos from Origin, Looking Glass and Ion Storm
20-Jun-2012 Worlds Of Ultima Now Free On GOG
1-Jun-2012 Origin Weekend Sale on GOG: Ultima & Wing Commander 50% Off
10-Apr-2012 Ultima Underworld 3 Story Design Document
12-Aug-2011 The History of Wing Commander: Part One
9-Feb-2011 Ultima 7 - The Black Gate Review
3-Nov-2008 Storm of Zehir manual released
24-Feb-2004 Origin reportedly really dead for good this time
10-Feb-2003 Richard Garriott Interview at GameSpy

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