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The History of Wing Commander: Part One

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The History of Wing Commander: Part One

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 12 August 2011, 15:57:49

Tags: Origin Systems

[General Gaming]
G4TV managed to catch up with Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. The result is an article on the history of Wing Commander spiced up with interview bits.

Wing Commander also had branching mission paths. A string of victories would lead to a victorious strike on a Kilrathi starbase at the end of the game, and continuing losses would end with the Tiger’s Claw running for her life out of the battle zone. “I just thought it was very important…[that] you felt like your actions had some impact on the story. You weren’t just on a predetermined path that was only one way,” Roberts said. “It wasn’t about a high score. It was completely about how you played and flew would affect the storyline, and my theory was that would give you a natural level of immersion into the world.”
edit: Here's part II.
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