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Origin reportedly really dead for good this time

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Origin reportedly really dead for good this time

Company News - posted by Spazmo on Tue 24 February 2004, 22:45:56

Tags: Origin Systems

It's been years since Origin Systems has been effectively dead--ever since EA bought the company and turned it into a live support team for Ultima Online. But now, even the hollow shell of Origin is apparently quite dead, according to this news item on Gamespot PC.

According to AustinXL, tomorrow Electronic Arts will shutter its internal studio Origin Systems, developers of Ultima Online. The Austin, Texas, business newsletter stated that "employees will be offered an opportunity to relocate to California or accept a severance package." Sources tell GameSpot the move would affect at least 100 Origin staffers.​

Well, I don't think anyone ought to shed any tears over this. Origin has been dead for years now. This is just the funeral. Besides, if it means EA is low on money... HOORAY!

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