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Storm of Zehir manual released

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Storm of Zehir manual released

Development Info - posted by Elwro on Mon 3 November 2008, 20:11:00

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir; Origin Systems

That's right, you can grab it from this page after scrolling down; you can also try this direct link. Both are unreliable - if they don't work, try in a minute.

A bit about "Teamwork Benefits":

For every three levels your party has advanced, and if they meet the prerequisites, you earn a new Teamwork Benefit. In order to earn the benefit, the party must pay pay a training fee of 1,000 gold and successfully complete a quest. Once you receive a Teamwork Benefit, it remains active at all times, even if the party members change.


Missile Volley - your team excels as firing as a group, unleashing a saturated wave of arrows and bolts. Each member places her shots so that the target cannot dodge them all.
  • Team Member Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot
  • Benefit: Enemies get a stacking debuff of -1 AC vs. missile weapons when attacked with a missile weapon. The debuff lasts for a round.
Apart from all the "technical" bits (lots of it, it's an interesting read), we also learn that the expansion is dedicated to Gary Gygax.

Spotted at: NWN 2 forums

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