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Warren Spector Interview on IGN Unfiltered

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Warren Spector Interview on IGN Unfiltered

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Thu 13 July 2017, 21:42:33

Tags: Deus Ex; Deus Ex: Invisible War; Ion Storm; Looking Glass Studios; Origin Systems; OtherSide Entertainment; System Shock; System Shock 3; Thief: Deadly Shadows; Thief: The Dark Project; Ultima Underworld; Underworld Ascendant; Warren Spector

With Matt Barton's show seemingly on semi-hiatus, IGN Unfiltered has unexpectedly become one of the best sources for in-depth RPG developer interviews. This month they interviewed Deus Ex creator and industry veteran Warren Spector. This time, the interview was published as one long 65 minute video. It runs the gamut of Warren's career, starting from his beginnings as a D&D enthusiast who one day had a fateful meeting with Richard Garriott. The interviewer spends some time on Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Thief, but the bulk of the interview is dedicated to two topics - the development of the original Deus Ex (interesting) and Warren's lifelong relationship with Disney (not so interesting, but Warren strongly disagrees). Did you know that when Warren received the offer from John Romero to join Ion Storm, he was literally moments away from signing a contract with EA to develop a Command & Conquer RPG?

The interviewer spends only a few minutes on Warren's latest work with OtherSide Entertainment, but he does have a couple of things to say about it. First, like of all Warren's games, System Shock 3 will do something that no other game has done before, and he's already figured what that is. Second, Underworld Ascendant's vertical slice will be coming out "soon" and it looks totally different and much better than what we've seen until now. We shall see, Warren, we shall see.

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