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Warren Spector

Warren Spector

Articles associated with this tag:

22-Oct-2013 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Warren Spector on Ultima, Origin, and CRPG Design
6-Sep-2019 The Digital Antiquarian on Arthurian Legends and Serpent Isle
19-Mar-2019 System Shock 3 teaser trailer revealed at Unity GDC 2019 Keynote
19-Jan-2019 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima Underworld
27-Mar-2018 Underworld Ascendant Update #44: Dev Diary #1, Introducing Aelita, New Screenshots
17-Mar-2018 Underworld Ascendant Panel at SXSW 2018
24-Feb-2018 The Digital Antiquarian on the Worlds of Ultima Games
18-Jan-2018 Underworld Ascendant PAX South 2018 Trailer, Gameplay Footage and Previews
18-Aug-2017 Underworld Ascendant to be published by 505 Games, coming late 2018
13-Jul-2017 Warren Spector Interview on IGN Unfiltered
11-May-2017 Early System Shock 3 concept art revealed at Starbreeze event
7-Apr-2017 The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima VI
15-Mar-2017 System Shock 3 to be published by Starbreeze Studios
1-Nov-2016 Underworld Ascendant Update #30: Officially delayed, new Prototype build coming February 2017
30-Aug-2016 Warren Spector reveals new details about System Shock 3, Sheldon Pacotti and Doug Church onboard
28-Apr-2016 Underworld Ascendant Pre-Alpha Prototype Gameplay Footage at IGN
5-Apr-2016 Underworld Ascendant Update #22: Skeleton screenshots, prototype update coming later this month
17-Feb-2016 Warren Spector joins OtherSide Entertainment full-time to lead System Shock 3 development
18-Feb-2015 Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter Update #14: On the Improvisation Engine and Choice & Consequence
7-Feb-2015 Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter Update #4: Concept Artists, Warren Spector, Paul Neurath Interviews
21-Jan-2015 Underworld Ascension renamed to Underworld Ascendant, to be Kickstarted on February 4th
4-Sep-2013 Warren Spector on "The Deus Ex Rules of Roleplaying"
9-Feb-2013 Feargus Urquhart and Ray Muzyka's DICE 2013 Panel: The Future of the RPG Genre
26-Jan-2013 The Warren Spector Papers: Historical videos from Origin, Looking Glass and Ion Storm
22-Aug-2012 Deus Ex Retrospective with Warren Spector at GameInformer
25-Jul-2010 Warren Spector on Choice, Consequences, & Morality
20-Dec-2007 Staight outta bedlam
28-Jun-2006 Spector is Pro-Choice
9-Nov-2004 Spector bails on Ion Storm
28-Mar-2004 Warren Spector against tyranny of choices
29-Dec-2003 GameSpy Hall of Fame: Deus Ex
10-Nov-2003 Deus Ex 3 confirmed
26-Dec-2002 Warren Spector Q&A at CVG

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