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Deus Ex Retrospective with Warren Spector at GameInformer

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Deus Ex Retrospective with Warren Spector at GameInformer

Editorial - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 22 August 2012, 07:54:04

Tags: Deus Ex; Ion Storm; Warren Spector

GameInformer offers a video retrospective of Deus Ex, featuring Warren Spector and a bunch of other folks, including the one attempting to play the game, who is amusing to watch.

Ben Hanson, Adam Biessener, myself, one of Epic Mickey 2's producers Raul Ramirez, and Warren Spector all sat down only to stand right back up and take a stroll down memory lane, making sure to stick to the shadows wherever possible. Spector talks about how he was moments away from signing a contract with Electronic Arts to create a Command & Conquer RPG, when John Romero called him up and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. We also take a look at at one of Warren's favorite games that influences his work even today with the development of Epic Mickey in our Replay Roulette.

tl;dw Warren Spector loves Suikoden and doesn't care one bit about focus tests.

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