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GameSpy Hall of Fame: Deus Ex

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GameSpy Hall of Fame: Deus Ex

Game News - posted by Exitium on Mon 29 December 2003, 18:27:22

Tags: Deus Ex; Ion Storm; Warren Spector

The fatties at GameSpy have entered John Romero's Ion Storm's Warren Spector's Deus Ex into their so-called Hall of Fame, which is more or less a hype feature no doubt sponsored by the various companies they receive pay-offs from.

Here's some of the stuff they had to say about the title:

The deep, engaging storyline is linear -- make no mistake about it. The path to the destination is where Deus Ex gives you a freedom of choice never witnessed before, and arguably not surpassed since (with the Grand Theft Auto series and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic being possible exceptions). The problems are set in front of you, but how you choose to reach and deal with them is wide open. Every situation has at least two solutions to it. A specific room in a stronghold may be reached by sneaking through an air vent, jumping across rooftops, or just blowing up the front door.​
Now, it isn't even remotely true that Deus Ex gives you a freedom of choice never witnessed before because as I recall, games like Planescape Torment, Fallout, and especially the Ultima series of games were offering that freedom of choice to gamers if not to a much greater degree than Warren Spector could have ever hoped to see implemented in Deus Ex.

Also, having a bunch of pointless vents to provide the player with a "variety of solutions" doesn't exactly enhance gameplay in any matter of speaking relative to the depth of a game. What it does, however, is make the game look cheap by offering bullshit 'alternative' solutions to quests which inevitably lead to the same conclusion. As an intelligent person I'd seriously expect to find different outcomes based on my actions rather than having the same outcome occur regardless of what I do as that could hardly be considered 'free-form' gameplay, to quote the so-called professional who composed the aforementioned dreck of an article.

For more of the same kind of pain, enjoy this.
Spotted at: RPGDot

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