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Deus Ex 3 confirmed

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Deus Ex 3 confirmed

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Mon 10 November 2003, 22:18:33

Tags: Ion Storm; Warren Spector

Yes, that's right, Deus Ex 3. C&VG reports that Warren Spector has confirmed an eventual third installment in the dark conspiracy sci-fi first person action RPG series.

"We've already stared thinking about the third game in the series," Spector told us; and while he was saying little else about this third in the FPS-cum-RPG series of a cyberpunk persuasion, he did hint that, not surprisingly, the plot of number three would in some way be tied in with first title and imminent sequel.​

No word yet on the future of Ultima Underworld.

Spotted at Blues News

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