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Staight outta bedlam

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Staight outta bedlam

Interview - posted by Monolith on Thu 20 December 2007, 01:38:42

Tags: Warren Spector

Eurogamer visited Warren Spector in his mental institution and came back with an interview and a lot of bitemarks. We've already known that he's making games for Disney now, but his affection for playing and making short games and his dream of developing an MMO are something new - in a sorta terrible way.

Eurogamer: Care to speculate what the hardcore gaming response will be? [To the game he's working on now - Monolith]

Warren Spector: I don't have to speculate. I know what it's going to be. And I can't wait. Oh my God. It's going to be like the world came to an end. Absolutely. I'm going to be vilified. I'm going to be accused of selling out, yet again. It's going to be glorious. Just glorious.​
You reap what you sow.

Eurogamer: Net debate is always something to see.

Warren Spector: You see, there's always going to be people that you just can't reach. You can't worry about that. The anonymity of the forums brings out the extremes of people. And some people, you're never going to get. And some people, you can talk to. I want to talk to them. Things are not always what they seem.​
Feel yourself invited, Mr. Spector.

Eurogamer: Priced appropriately, I'm fine with really short games. Valves statistics are fascinating in that way - something like 50 percent of people didn't finish Half-life 2: Episode 1. And that's less than five hours. Scale that up to all games...

Warren Spector: Wow. That Orange Box though - talk about value for money. I was going to say that I can assure you that people will be playing TF2 at my office right now, but that's not the case. They better not be playing TF2 right now. Anyway - it's about creating a satisfying emotional experience. You don't need 40 hours to do that.​
But if I can have a satisfying emotional experience over the course of 40 hours...talk about value for money.

And here's an interesting thought about Half Life 2: Episode 1: what if the 50% that didn't finish it simply didn't like the game enough? But no, it's got to be length that's the problem. I finished Deus Ex, Ultima 7, Thief but I wouldn't finish Deus Ex 2 if it took me 2 hours.

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