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Impromptu interview with Jagged Alliance's Ned Mansour

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Impromptu interview with Jagged Alliance's Ned Mansour

People News - posted by Darth Roxor on Fri 21 January 2022, 16:54:40

Tags: Jagged Alliance; Madlab Software; Mohanned Mansour; Sir-Tech

Community member MrBuzzKill managed to grab a hold of Mohanned Mansour, the man responsible for the art in Jagged Alliance 1, and asked him a few questions that Mr Mansour was apparently happy to answer.

Since this was hardly a planned "interview" (and also not organised by the Codex as a website), MrBuzzKill failed to prepare for it properly (shameful!), so the end result is relatively short and simple, but it's definitely not uninteresting. Here's a snippet from the opening:

Me: I've picked up [Jagged Alliance] for the first time recently and played it for over 10 hours already. It's very fun! Then decided to look up the people who originally made it, where they are now and what they are doing. Thanks for making a great game!

NM: Wow, thanks for sharing your experience with the game. That was my first experience creating art in games. I started on the project with two other guys, Ian Curry (programmer and director) and Shaun Lyng (writer). I took care of everything from 3d modeling to animation and user interface design. It was the most fun project I ever worked on and funny enough, it was all done remotely. We used dial-up modems to transfer data and we all worked from our own homes. We were a little ahead of the times I guess.​

Fully remote work on dial-up must have been one hell of a ride.

You can read the rest of the interview here. Kudos to MrBuzzKill for the idea, and to Ned Mansour for being a cool guy and replying to random people from the Internet in such detail.

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