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Matt Chat 248: Robert Sirotek on Stones of Arnhem and Cleve Blakemore!

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Matt Chat 248: Robert Sirotek on Stones of Arnhem and Cleve Blakemore!

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Mon 7 July 2014, 21:39:08

Tags: Brenda Romero; Cleveland Mark Blakemore; DW Bradley; Robert Sirotek; Sir-Tech; Stones of Arnhem; Wizardry 8

Oooh yeah. The last episode of Matt Barton's interview with Robert Sirotek is here, and it's a must watch. Robert finally lets loose in this one. He talks about Wizardry 8, and Brenda Romero's role in its development (which he's very eager to clarify that she was not in charge of). He talks about Sir-Tech's falling out with DW Bradley, and the drama that surrounded it. But the highlight of the interview is Robert's extensive description of the Stones of Arnhem fiasco and of his interactions with the Codex's own Cleveland Mark Blakemore (whom he refuses to address by name, referring to him only as "the crackerjack programmer").

You may be alarmed to learn that Mr. Sirotek is very much aware of Cleve's activities on this forum, and that he's quite furious over what he views as an unwarranted trashing of his reputation. He makes an effort to explain why he paid Cleve such a meager salary for his work on Stones of Arnhem, and expresses his horror at the nature of the artwork that was produced by the game's art team. He also admits that, as many suspected, he too was involved with bringing about the sudden cancellation of the Sir-Tech auction that revealed the wonders of the penisaurus to the world back in 2012.

At the end of the interview, Robert talks a bit about his involvement with Brenda and John Romero's Facebook game development company Loot Drop, which he apparently terminated due to being "uncomfortable with their direction". He also reveals that he's considering making a return to the game development industry in the wake of the recent resurgence of PC gaming. Although in his case, it'll probably be more like a return to the "product development industry". Yegad.

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