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Matt Chat 259: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on Seven Dragon Saga

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Matt Chat 259: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on Seven Dragon Saga

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Mon 29 September 2014, 23:45:12

Tags: David Shelley; Laura Bowen; Matt Barton; Seven Dragon Saga; Strategic Simulations, Inc.; Tactical Simulations Interactive

The latest guests to be interviewed on Matt Barton's show are none other than SSI veteran designer David Shelley and veteran artist Laura Bowen, who have come to talk about the upcoming Seven Dragon Saga. It's a nice little interview, that goes over stuff that we more-or-less already know, with an emphasis on the game's character creation (which is not as simple as might be assumed from looking at the images on the game's website), combat (random encounters will definitely be a thing) and faction-based choice & consequence. Throughout the interview, David and Laura also share various little anecdotes about their SSI days.

At one point, Matt asks a question submitted by some dude named Gabor Domjan about Seven Dragon Saga's supposed martial arts/anime influence, which caused a bit of stir on the Codex when it was first announced. David clarifies that while the game will have a bit of an "international flair" and also some wuxia-esque fantastic abilities, the setting is still essentially standard Western fantasy, and nothing like, say, Jade Empire. Matt also asks whether SSI CEO Joel Billings is involved with the TSI enterprise. David replies that Joel, being a wargaming guy at heart, is not interested, but that he wishes them well.

However, the big news of this interview is that Seven Dragon Saga actually will have a Kickstarter campaign, and early next month at that. So what the heck was that Kotaku UK thing? Make up your minds, guys.

On a related note - you might be aware that Matt Barton is first and foremost a Gold Box guy. He clearly had a blast doing this interview, and now he's decided to he wants to put together a full-blown short film about the Gold Box games. But, as he explains on his blog, he'll only begin the project if he gets 25,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. So you'd better subscribe now! Between this, and allowing Patreon backers to vote on his next interview, it looks like Matt is finally starting to get serious about promoting himself.

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