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Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Articles associated with this tag:

15-Feb-2013 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Winston Douglas Wood on Phantasie and Star Command
6-Nov-2012 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Al Escudero on Deathlord and Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace
2-Oct-2010 Forgotten Gems: Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
21-Sep-2019 The Digital Antiquarian on Dark Sun and the Fall of SSI
5-Jan-2019 The Digital Antiquarian on the Real-Time Dungeon Crawler Genre after Dungeon Master
31-Mar-2017 The Digital Antiquarian on the Decline of the Gold Box Games
18-Mar-2016 The Digital Antiquarian on SSI, TSR and the Rise of the Gold Box Games
27-Oct-2015 SSI Dragonlance, Dark Sun and Ravenloft RPGs Released on GOG
20-Aug-2015 SSI Forgotten Realms RPGs Released on GOG
15-Mar-2015 Matt Chat 283: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on the fall of SSI and going to Kickstarter
9-Mar-2015 Matt Chat 282: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on the early days at SSI
29-Sep-2014 Matt Chat 259: David Shelley and Laura Bowen on Seven Dragon Saga
8-Aug-2014 Tactical Simulations Interactive founded by SSI alumni
4-Oct-2013 Golden Age SSI AD&D CRPG Retrospectives by Reggie Carolipio
1-Apr-2013 Matt Chat 188: Joel Billings on the Collapse of SSI
11-Feb-2013 Matt Chat Interview with Joel Billings, Part 3: Gold Box RPGs, Dark Sun and Panzer General
4-Feb-2013 Matt Chat Interview with Joel Billings, Part 2: SSI's Rise to Power
21-Jan-2013 Matt Chat 181: Joel Billings (SSI) Interview
10-Dec-2012 Matt Chat 176: Matt Plays Eye of the Beholder
26-Aug-2012 Gold Box Retrospective at Joystiq
2-Jun-2011 Pool of Radiance at the CRPG Addict
7-Dec-2010 Forgotten Ruins: The Roots of CRPGs

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