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Let's put a Codexian item / NPC into Divinity: Original Sin

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Let's put a Codexian item / NPC into Divinity: Original Sin

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 13 April 2013, 04:22:47

Tags: Codex Original Sin KickStarter Campaign; Divinity: Original Sin; Kickstarter

Larian Studios messed up their KickStarter by launching it two weeks earlier than intended because RPG Watch couldn't stop themselves from hitting the publish button on their preview. As a result, Larian launched their campaign right in the middle of PAX and while there were some pretty big KickStarters already under-way (like Torment).

I'm not joking.

You see, we didn’t plan on announcing our Kickstarter today. But somebody else decided for us, and that somebody was…

Myrthos !

Yes, the Myrthos from RPGWatch, my first stop in the morning to get my RPG news. He wrote a really positive hands-on article about Divinity: Original Sin (calling it Divine Divinity on steroids) for which we’re really grateful, but…

He published it today!

And… we only expected it to be published once the Kickstarter page was live, next week…


Everything suddenly went into overdrive.​

Ignoring the fact that launching a KickStarter because of a small RPG fan-site publishing a glowing preview is asinine, we've been running the campaign quietly since then and have already hit our intended goal of $1,000 USD - enough to put some kind of inane item in, however now has come the time to make it front page news. There's only two worth-while community goals, either $1,000 to design an item or $1,500 to design an NPC. Beyond that, having a Codexian Troll jailer might be interesting but KickStarter fatigue means it's highly unlikely we'd reach the $5,000 required.

Don't let that stop you from donating though! Whatever amount we raise, we'll use it to bribe Larian into giving us some Codexian themed stuff which we'll all regret come launch day. Donate now!

In other news, as inXile are taking PayPal contributions until 30 April, we'll run our Torment campaign until about the 28th in the off-chance we might scrape the final $500 together to reach our $5,000 goal there. Don't forget to read the raffle details for that one.

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