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Subterranea Kickstarter Goes Live

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Subterranea Kickstarter Goes Live

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Sat 1 March 2014, 00:08:34

Tags: Kickstarter; Subterranea

Kickstarter for turn-based 3D fantasy RPG Subterranea, which you may know from a thread in Codex Workshop, has just gone live:

Adventure through a world rife with peril and intrigue, to solve a dangerous mystery in this fantasy, turn-based CRPG.
  • Tactical Turn-Based Combat: There is a wealth of tactical options available to each of your characters, each round. Melee attack, ranged attack, cast spell, sneak attack, attack of opportunity, bull rush, use magic item, drink potion, feint, overrun, read scroll, ready defense, total defense, use skill, use ability, etc. This wide range of tactical options requires a turn-based combat system that lets you weigh up your best move whilst the game action is paused. Enemy artificial intelligence has access to the same range of actions, and in addition will perform strategies like flanking and using cover and elevation, to attempt to get the best of you.
  • Physics-Based Emergent Gameplay: Want to cast Earthquake to bring a cave roof down? The Physics Engine calculates what happens next - who has to make Reflex saves to avoid or reduce damage and who is safe from flying debris. Physics introduces an extra element of randomness beyond just dice rolls and can lead to a series of connected events that result in entirely new outcomes in each encounter.
  • Puzzles and Traps: The world of Subterranea itself will provide a number of environmental challenges. Collapse a rope bridge to plunge some enemies to their death? You'll need to figure out how to get across that chasm now. I hope you've packed your rope.
  • Branching Dialogue with Choice and Consequence: You'll need to develop some skills in Diplomacy, Bluff and/or Intimidation to thrive when pitted against the machinations of the game's antagonists.
  • Deep Character Customization: When creating your characters, you will be able to assign ability scores, race (7 options), class (11 options), gender, appearance attributes, skills, feats and spells to produce highly customized characters.
The game features deadly intrigue, murky and conflicting agendas, a sprawling megadungeon to conquer and ultimately a mystery that lurks far beneath the surface of Vengarth Swamp!​

To learn more about the game's premise and the reasons it seeks exactly 12,500 Australian dollars, check out the Kickstarter page. You can also support Subterranea on Steam Greenlight.

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