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AAIMIE, "Tron Meets Grimrock" RPG on Kickstarter

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AAIMIE, "Tron Meets Grimrock" RPG on Kickstarter

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 22 October 2012, 09:43:34

Tags: AAIMIE; Kickstarter

Yeah yeah, yet another Kickstarter, this time for a first-person RPG called AAIMIE with a unique vibrant art style. At the moment it doesn't really look like it will make it, unfortunately, but if you appreciate real-time grid-based dungeon crawlers in the vein of Dungeon Master or Legend of Grimrock with an emphasis on puzzles, this one does look interesting. And it's only asking for $7,000.

AAIMIE leads a simple life. She is a maintenance robot on Power Facility #38. Her daily routine includes maintaining the facility, wiring, energy conduits and general repair. Her artificial intelligence routines allow her to perform her job without any outside influence. She is completely autonomous and free to roam the facility.

That is, until one day, while performing general maintenance, life as she knew it was turned upside down. After a brief power outage, she awoke to find that she was no longer restricted to knowledge of simple maintenance. Her memory banks were now filled with classified inside information on the power plant, its residents, its security systems, its weak points, and most importantly, an uncontrollable urge to destroy the facility. So how did this happen? Who implanted this knowledge and why? These are all questions that AAIMIE will have to figure out.

AAIMIE is a grid-based, first person point of view role playing indie game being developed for release on PC, Mac, ios and Android in 2013. It has been described as “Tron Meets Grimrock” with an emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving.

You play as AAIMIE just after her A.I. was altered, resulting in her desire to destroy the facility. AAIMIE starts as a simple maintenance bot with only a welding torch and basic navigational components. Through exploration, puzzle-solving and combat she gains weapons, armor and component upgrades.

Although there is combat in the game, the main focus is exploration, discovery of new areas, scripted events, puzzle solving and story telling. You will become part of the world, and discover all it has to offer.

Progress So Far
The storyline is complete, along with a good portion of the enemy design, weapons, components, armor, puzzles, and the complete prototype. There are several videos on youtube showing off the progress of the game. They can be found under the Media section of the AAIMIE website.

We are hoping for Kickstarter funding in order to pay for licenses for the Unity3d engine, along with assets such as art, 3d models and marketing.​

Click here to study the rewards and watch the pitch video. There has already been a couple of updates to this Kickstarter, including one that focuses on the gameplay. Here's an excerpt:

So today I'm posting on Components. Not a great name and I may change it later, but Components are items you can attach to AAIMIE which gives special "abilities". You start out with 2 slots to attach components and you can change them in and out at will depending on the situation you are about to face. You can upgrade later so you may add more than 2. Also, there are various levels of components. So you may get 2 "Energy Rechargers" but one could increase your energy at a higher rate than the other. There are also things you can do to increase the effectiveness of the components.

The Components list is as follows. These are subject to change based on how they affect gameplay, but this is the current list:

Cloak -
Reduces your chances to be detected by enemies. This is a passive component that is always active when attached.

Discharge an EMP pulse which reduces the energy levels of enemies or even machines in the world. This is useful for weakening enemies and reducing the energy level of devices you are trying to hack.

Energy Recharger -
Recharges your energy at an increased rate. Energy is very important in AAIMIE as most weapons and shields are energy based. The faster you recharge the more damage you can do.

Hacking -
Many puzzles are hacking based. This component makes certain puzzles easier to hack.

[More components follow.]​

Read the list of components in full.

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