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Contest: Submit your ideas for Codex content in Serpent in the Staglands!

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Contest: Submit your ideas for Codex content in Serpent in the Staglands!

Community - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 30 April 2014, 16:35:03

Tags: Kickstarter; Serpent in the Staglands; Whalenought Studios

As you may know, we recently staged a highly successful fundraiser for the Darklands-like indie RPG Serpent in the Staglands. Here's what we're getting for that:
  • A MONSTER RACE - See the campaign description for the 3 monster race ideas available so far, but also feel free to submit your own.
  • AN ISLAND - this includes an overall theme + any details you think are worth including, such as the island's shape, layout, name, history, environment, etc.
  • A MAJOR NPC OR MEGA ITEM - this also includes a full-fledged questline with dialogue and possible minor NPCs/locations!
This thread is for you to submit your crazy or not so crazy ideas for Kodex Ingame Kontent! Even if you can't come up with an entry covering the entire island + questline, feel free to submit any tidbits you want. Images or maps are welcome too.

The monster race will be included in the main game; for reasons of scope, the island will probably be included in the expansion featuring a whole region full of other island, to be released "later this year", as Whalenought told us. Feel free to flesh out your entries as much as you want, and add as many details as you want. Then we will discuss your entries with Whalenought and decide on our final submission.

If no good entried will be submitted, the Codex staff will come up with whatever the heck they want themselves. Don't let that happen.

We can't offer much in the way of prizes, but we are able to offer beta access to the game to all people who submit entries which (or parts of which) will make it into the game. For the winning entries, we might also be able to insert subtle references to your username into the game if you want.

NB: One thing to keep in mind is the "Tim Cain Rule": the content should, ideally, fit the overall style of the game, and be entertaining for all, including players who won't get the individual Codex references involved.

Here are some pointers from the Whalenought team:

The monster we can put in the peninsula so we can include it in the main game before the expansion, but we'll be doing all the islands later on in the year to be included in the update post-launch. Your larger-scoped island containing a sizable quest with an NPC or the mega-item will be great in the expansion, but if you'd prefer it to be in the main campaign we could make that work too.

We'd really like to see what you guys can come up with, we're pretty open to anything happening on these islands. There are islands that will be connected for the main story in the expansion, but some are self-contained and those might be the most fun for you guys to plan. You can give us a blueprint/mockup of the location if you'd like and we can build it with our assets, or just a design idea.

General things that might help flesh out the island are thoughts on the environment, monsters in the area, any homes on it and their appearance, tone, and any background or history of it.

If you'd like to write your own dialogue let us know and we can delve into that later, if not just give us an idea and we will try to capture the spirit of what you're aiming for.​

The contest will run for a couple of weeks or so.

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