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Vault Dweller interviewed about Kickstarter, calls Shadowrun Returns an "awful fucking iPhone game"

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Vault Dweller interviewed about Kickstarter, calls Shadowrun Returns an "awful fucking iPhone game"

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Sun 10 November 2013, 13:56:20

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; Kickstarter; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

I usually ignore the interviews that our beloved Ubersturmfuhrer Vault Dweller seems to give to Russian RPG sites every two weeks, but this particular interview at Core-RPG.ru was too good to pass up. Check this out:

m00n1ight: There have been many accusations recently that you talk too much and do too little. In fact, during the development of the Age of Decadence many projects funded by Kickstarter were released. And their developers have also been accused that they 'all talk and no action'. Some of them started the development process much later than you. Shadowrun Returns, for example. So it turns out that some people have more trust in Kickstarter than in you and your game and it leads to:

— Vince says…
— I don't care what he's saying! He must release the game already.

Vince: Not quite. First, very few KS projects were released and they had a lot done before they went to KS. Like FTL or Conquistadors which had a playable demo before KS. Shadowrun is an exception, but:

— Shadowrun got 2 million bucks and a proper team working full time, so asking why we aren't working as fast is kinda… silly?

— Shadowrun is an awful fucking iphone game that was released on PC for some strange reasons. It has pretty backgrounds and that's about it. It's linear and painfully simple. I couldn't even finish it. Not saying that AoD is better, as such things are a matter of taste, but it's a lot more complex and this complexity is the reason it's taking so long.

I'm not asking for their trust. We released two demos. They can play and see for themselves. If after playing the demos, they still have trust issues, it's their business. If they think that KS is the answer to all their prayers, I'm happy for them.

m00n1ight: There is the same situation with Dead State now. I remember the first time I wrote about this game was very, very long ago, and almost nothing has changed since then, except the fact that they write about Dead State not as much as about AoD. You know, such impressions are not fast-formed and not made out of nowhere. I'm sure that the longer Brian will hang a leg, the more people will get angry. Especially those who have already paid for the game on Kickstarter.

Vince: He wants to release a quality RPG. As does Brian Fargo - in case you didn't notice, WL2 wasn't released in October. The promised beta wasn't released either. Project Eternity won't be released on time either. Why? Quality RPGs take time.

m00n1ight: As for the demos, I should say that many people do not consider release of the demos, arts or videos as something of importance — they wait for the game and nothing less. You might have noticed that even those full of enthusiasm avoid playing the demo and prefer to wait for the full version. And sooner or later their desire will just 'burn out'.

Vince: Demos are a proof of concept, ability, design, etc. It's the line that separates people who talk good talk from people who can deliver what they promised. I daresay we did and it is a big deal for us.

While some people prefer to wait, I'd say that most people who were interested in the game did try the demos. We cater to them, obviously.

Not sure I understand. If one truly likes RPGs, why wouldn't he want to play one, even if it was in development for 10 year? Purely out of spite?
Whoa. Read the rest of the interview to learn just how much VD hates Kickstarter, and why he pledges to Kickstarters despite that.

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