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Kickstarter Round-up: Liege, Void of Darkness, UnderTale

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Kickstarter Round-up: Liege, Void of Darkness, UnderTale

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Sun 30 June 2013, 21:20:31

Tags: Kickstarter; Liege; UnderTale; Void of Darkness

Three new RPG -- including (gasp) JRPG-like -- projects have launched this week, and I'm here to tell you about them. First comes Void of Darkness, which is on IndieGoGo and thankfully going for fixed, not flexible funding. Asking for a mere $5,000, Void of Darkness presents itself as a "2d Space Combat, Trading, and Exploration RPG, inspired by Starflight 1 & 2." Which is a mighty cool concept, if you ask me.

Starflight 1 & 2 by Binary Systems are some of my fondest memories of gaming. Since then, although other space games have been excellent in their own right, none have captured the feel of that 'little ship exploring a big universe' like Starflight did. A fan-made attempt at Starflight 3 has not materialized, and as I do not have the rights to create an official Starflight sequel, the next best thing I can do is create a project inspired by it. Hence Void of Darkness began.

If successful, VoD might be as close to a sequel to Starflight 2 that its fans could get. But this project is not only about Starflight fans, Void of Darkness will be a space game which any fan of space games can enjoy.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

$10 gets you a digital copy of the game as well as beta access. More info about it here.

Next comes Liege, a tactical Japanese-style RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics. The only other Kickstarter project I'm aware of that comes close is Telepath Tactics, which we've already covered here.

It looks nice, but it also seems a bit simplistic to me, although I'm fully aware I'm basically judging the book by its cover here. I do like the following bit, though:

The game emphasizes spatial elements over leveling and equipment, so you won’t be able to grind until your party is effectively invincible. Your units will always be vulnerable; in fact, a single direct strike to an undefended unit will often prove fatal. Unused actions during your turn will determine your unit’s defensive ability during enemy turns. As a result, you will always need to balance evasion and defense, with well-timed, coordinated offense to survive.​

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

$10 gets you a copy. With more than $10,000 already collected, it doesn't look like Liege is going to have any trouble reaching its $15,000 goal. Support it here if you feel like it.

Finally there's UnderTale, "a traditional role-playing game where no one has to get hurt," somewhat similar to Mother and Earthbound (and fully funded already).

Existing features:

- Fighting is wholly unnecessary: negotiate your way out of danger using the unique battle system.
- Time your attacks for extra damage, then dodge enemy attacks in a style reminiscent of top-down shooters.
- Use the format of a video game to tell the story: traditional fourth-wall breaking tropes such as "SAVING," "EXP," and "LV" are an intergrated part of the game's world.
- Obligatory puzzles. Lots and lots of obligatory puzzles.
- Original art and soundtrack brimming with personality.
- Captivating story with an emphasis on humor.

Planned features:

- Become friends with all of the bosses!
- Hilariously bad dating sim segments!
- Seriously, you can literally have a robot husband.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Be sure to give the demo a try!

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Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $1,868.15 USD (37%)

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