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Tentative Torment Kickstarter Tiers Announced

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Tentative Torment Kickstarter Tiers Announced

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 28 February 2013, 20:13:59

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Kickstarter; Torment: Tides of Numenera

The Torment: Tides of Numenera website has been updated. It now has a "Pledge Tiers" section, which displays the Kickstarter tiers which inXile are tentatively planning to use for the upcoming Kickstarter. Here's what it says at the top:

Thank you for all of your feedback on Pledge Rewards and Tiers! From your input we have constructed the below Tiers (and rewards) that we plan to use for the Kickstarter. Because of your comments and feedback, we changed several aspects from our original thoughts (which had stemmed in part from our experiences with the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter). Thanks!​

This forum is closed to voting or submitting ideas, but you can post comments on the Tiers – as always, we’d appreciate your input to help us create the best Torment possible. Also, please continue to post your ideas on the Pledge Tiers Discussion and Torment Kickstarter forums. (Note that the Tiers listed below do not the final descriptions and the details may still change.)​

At the end of the list of Tiers are our intended initial add-ons. We might make other options available after the project is funded.​

For the physical goods tiers, we plan to use add-ons to cover additional charges for international shipping.​

(All rewards are DRM-free (game, soundtrack, etc.). Digital documents will be available in PDF, EPUB, MOBI formats.)​

It appears that, as requested by a large number of voters, inXile have decided to minimize physical rewards. As such, the cheapest physical tier, the "Oddity Collector" Limited Edition Box, is priced at $95. There's also no low-cost "early bird" pledge like there was in the Project Eternity Kickstarter, although oddly enough, the higher digital tiers are limited, apparently due to their inclusion of Numenera PnP material.

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