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Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Campaign Begins + Hands-on Preview at RPGWatch

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Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Campaign Begins + Hands-on Preview at RPGWatch

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 27 March 2013, 16:54:04

Tags: Divinity: Original Sin; Kickstarter; Larian Studios

Larian Studios have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their classic-style single player/co-op RPG Divinity: Original Sin. The funding goal is set at $400,000, with $25 getting you a digital copy of the game:
  • Divinity: Original Sin is an Isometric cRPG.
  • You can play in single player mode but also in cooperative multiplayer mode
  • It's a real epic CRPG so even in multiplayer, you're engaging in much more than just combat and item fever. A nifty cooperative dialog system, a highly reactive world, a deep character development system and plenty of choice and consequence situations see to that.
  • You can create your own RPG adventures with our powerful RPG editor and share or play them with friends
  • Combat is very tactical. It is turn-based and features things like skill and spell combos, attacks of opportunity, action points and much more.
  • Exploration is greatly rewarded.
  • You can develop your character(s) to fit your playstyle using our classless skill and stats system.
  • There are countless item interactions and item combinations waiting to be discovered.
  • No Divinity game is complete without music composed by the brilliant Kirill Pokrovsky.
In related news, RPGWatch's Myrthos recently got the chance to play Divinity: Original Sin and now shares his thoughts. Here's an excerpt:

Single player versus multiplayer

We already know that the game has two protagonists and as explained in the previous article, you can hire two mercenaries allowing a total of four players to play the game simultaneously. However the focus is on the two heroes, so all conversations and interactions are limited to these two. Also the two mercenaries do not have a story of their own. At the moment their only purpose is to provide aid in combat.

I've seen the game in action in multiplayer mode, but I was wondering how this would play in single player mode. To test this I got the opportunity to play the game by myself and the short answer is that it plays like one would expect from a game with a party of two and turn-based combat. Playing solo never felt like something that was added on top of the multiplayer game. The game is controlled with a mouse and has short-cut keys for the various panels, such as inventory, character and skills panels. Selecting the icon of the other protagonist lets you control that person instead. In my solo game-play I did not notice any game elements that were not as I would have expected them to be.

My solo gameplay was automatically changed into a multiplayer game when the second player connected to my game and control of the second character was handed to that player. It also changed back into a single player game when that second player left again.

Divinity: Original Sin uses a dialogue system in which the two protagonists can disagree with each other on the actions to take. Secondary stats like intimidation and charming are used to determine who will win such a discussion. The results of the choices made does have an influence on the relation between the two protagonists, making it possible to develop them into haters, lovers or anything in between, which will have its influence in the game.​

Unfortunately, the preview does not elaborate on what kind of influence that is, exactly. Luckily we have Gragt, who also visited Larian recently and will surely tell us more about the chemistry between the two protagonists in his own upcoming preview. *wink wink*

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