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Get your Wasteland #1 keys here! Short Story Competition

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Get your Wasteland #1 keys here! Short Story Competition

Competition - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 12 November 2013, 04:57:50

Tags: Codex Statue in Wasteland 2; Kickstarter; Wasteland

InXile are handing out Wasteland keys (to the original 1989 classic) like it's Christmas. So many, that we can now promise everyone in the top #50 who donated to our Wasteland #2 statue drive can have their choice of GOG or Steam key. If you don't want yours, let us know and we'll sell it on the black market or something. Otherwise let us know your preference and we'll hand your key over.

For those who aren't in the top #50 didn't donate - and would like a chance to score their own original Wasteland key, we're having a short story competition!

Simply write a short story that fits one of the below themes and if the judges think your entry is worth it, you can have your choice of GOG or Steam key (depending on what we've got left).

Available themes are:
  1. That Terrible Day: Why was Menckenstein banned?
  2. Why Jaesun is a shitty mod and should be demoted.
  3. Crooked Bee: This is your life!
  4. Trash - Strident Superhero or Supremely Butthurt?
  5. Why idonthavetimeforthiscrap has so much time for this crap.
  6. A day in the life of DarkUnderlord.
  7. The birth of Infinitron.
  8. Crispy's™ Revenge.
  9. Something vaguely cRPG related.

Submit your story by either posting in the comments associated with this thread or spamming it through the Contact Us form. Our judges will decide whether your entry is worthy of a key or not. Note: The judges for each category will be the person named in that category.

We have fucking boat-loads of keys to give away so get writing!

UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of InXile, everyone who donated will now get a key.

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