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Old School RPG Kickstarter Update: Name and Gameplay

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Old School RPG Kickstarter Update: Name and Gameplay

Development Info - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 10 October 2012, 09:22:08

Tags: Brenda Romero; Kickstarter; Loot Drop; Shaker; Tom Hall

Tom and Brenda's Old School RPG now has a name! It's Shaker, or rather Shaker: An Old School RPG. The new update also has some gameplay basics:

Shaker: An Old School RPG is a first-person perspective, sci-fi/fantasy game set in a Bridge world between the future and the very distant past. Taking the role of operative James Connelly, an employee of Shaker Corporation, you are called upon to set right a deadly chain of events that began millennia ago. You must be deployed to Antera, a medieval world in the distant past, to unearth the very beginning of a horrible chain of events and avert it, or the universe we know today will cease to exist in a mere 100 years.

Read more about Connelly here in Update #2 and Shaker Corporation in Update #4.

You have free-movement and viewpoint through the world as you do in any modern-day, first-person shooter until you enter combat.


Shaker: An Old School RPG features a six-character party - you and your 3 crew as well as 2 recruitable player characters. You begin the game as James Connelly, though you may customize him any way you like (including changing his appearance and gender). Next, you create 3 different Shaker operatives to join you on your Antera mission. Traveling back through time and space to arrive on Antera, you may recruit two locals to work on your crew.


All characters and recruits have key statistics as quantified by Shaker Corporation: Strength, Vitality, Agility, Quickness, Intelligence, and Psy. The values of these attributes determine what Profession you qualify for. Your characters are also born with a specific BioTrait pattern. Similar to “race” in old-school games, a character’s BioTrait pre-disposes gives them certain strengths, weaknesses and powers. Recruiting locals (which you can, of course, fire) will help you to balance your party.

We are in pre-production at present, and want to give you an early look at the core Bridge Professions and how they map to Professions on the destination worlds.


Your characters grow in skill and stature and gain experience level-by-level, allowing you to allocate points as you earn them, and grow more experienced with spells, skills, weapons and other talents.

Speaking of weapons... stay tuned for our next big update on combat!​

Read the full update here.

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