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Help us bring down RPGwatch.com in Divinity: Original Sin

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Help us bring down RPGwatch.com in Divinity: Original Sin

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 19 April 2013, 10:46:01

Tags: Codex Original Sin KickStarter Campaign; Divinity: Original Sin; Kickstarter

There's nothing like increasing your target after reaching it, so we're adding a stretch goal to our Divinity: Original Sin campaign, courtesy of ForkTong:

So about that campaign the Codex is running. We got in contact with Myrthos from the Watch earlier, and agreed on:

$1000 = 5 extra digital copies, distribute as you see fit
$2000 = 10 extra digital copies, distribute as you see fit + a book written by RPGWatch (e.g. with lore about the Watch, namedropping allowed, approved by our writer)
$2500 = 20 extra digital copies, distribute as you see fit + book + a watchtower in the game like in their logo + reading the book gives a skill appropriate to the content

As you see, no talking books here, so keep ideas similar in terms of work to something like this.​

Because we're mature grown adults, we can't let RPG Watch win. Their pathetic campaign is currently at a miserable $1,713 - while we're a full $200 ahead! As an incentive, ForkTong offers this bonus:

So anyhoo, done deal.

If Watch gets tower and you get troll, they will attack each other. The outcome depends on the success of each party's fundraiser.​

All digital copies received will be distributed one each to the top donors as per the donor list, for them to use as they so choose. Donate now! And help us make RPG Watch pay for stuffing up Larian's KickStater.

In related news, the system that actually allows you to spend your hard-earned potato (earned from donating) will hopefully be online in the not too distant future. Yeah that shit takes time, fuck you.

UPDATE: Ok, so apparently we get more shit as follows:

The Codex:

* [BONUS] in-game Red Troll
* [BONUS] a Codex-themed book
* 1 of the 4 Statues
There are many strange locations, people, creatures and things to find in Original Sin. For instance, you may stumble upon four magical statues. Four crazy, lying statues, that have been granting wishes and making everyone's life miserable. We haven't named them yet. If you hurry, one of them will carry the name of your choosing (within the boundaries of our game world). This name will be in the final game! The statue in the game will even be custom modeled so that the 3D model in the game actually looks like you!
* Become an NPC
* Create an Item
* Combo Designer - ability to design a two-item crafting combo which will result in creating a new item
* Name a Henchman - a name for a searchable and hireable henchman
* Name the Undead - a name for an undead, this name can appear in the game (random chance)
* Message in the woods - message carved in one of the trees in the game world

* Listed in the Credits
* Alpha Access
* Beta Access
* Send a Codex representative to the Release Party
* Fan Day - invitation to Fan Day organized by Larian (You must be able to pay for travel and accomodation by Yourself)

Game Personalization (code-unlocked stuff only visible in your own game):

* Kickstarter Potion - one-use item which will do "something"
* Zandalor's Epic Trunks of Intelligence - demonic talking trunks (equippable item)
* Message in a Bottle - personal message found in a bottle
* Engraving Tool - allows creating custom inscriptions on items
* Name a Pet - ability to change a name of one of the pets in the game
* Write a co-op Dialog - which will then take place at one point of the game

Digital Rewards:

* Divinity Original Sin Digital Copy
* [BONUS] extra 20 Divinity Original Sin Digital Copies
* Divinity Dragon Commander Digital Copy
* Soundtrack Digital Download
* Developer's Cut Digital (Documents and Videos)
* Divinity Fan - digital copies of all Larian games released in the next ten years (!!!)
* Digital Artbook
* Digital Map
* Kirill's Early Work (Digital) - music "sketches" from Kirill Pokrovsky

Raffle Prizes:

* Signed Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter Box Copy with Printed Manual, Soundtrack CD, Artbook and Cloth Map
* Physical Signed Concept Art
* Limited Edition Zandalor's Cards​

The Codex stuff will be designed by committee for the benefit of all Codexians. We will also do the same with the Game Personalization codes, assuming that we can give those codes to anyone and everyone and they can experience a truly unique Codexian adventure.

The Digital Rewards will be held by the Codex (because like, digital) and we may give them away as part of some sort of competition. As for the Raffle Prizes though... Anyone who donates $20 or more goes into the raffle to win one of those three items. As per previous raffles, each $20 you donate is worth another raffle ticket (donate $200 = 10x raffle tickets), and you can only win one prize¹. Enter now!

¹NOTE: If you want your name excluded from certain prizes (to give yourself a higher chance to win something you want), say so in the comments thread for this news item.

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