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Miserable Success! + P:E closes with $3.9M raised

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Miserable Success! + P:E closes with $3.9M raised

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 17 October 2012, 02:35:06

Tags: Codex Eternity Fundraiser; Kickstarter; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity

Raising a little over $1,200 in the last day, our KickStarter fundraising drive for Project: Eternity closed, having reached a final target of $9,679.60 USD - over 194% of our initial $5,000 target.

Minus PayPal fees, that left a nice round $9,000 USD which was sent to Obsidian (although it won't appear in the KickStarter as it went via PayPal on their website):

The fundraising drive is now closed (any further donations that come through will go to the Codex server drive we'll hold later this year).

The full list of donors (and thus, those who shall receive some mention in the game if they donated > $50) is available here. There are only a handful of names I don't have Codex usernames for - and I've e-mailed those people to let me know their username. Everyone else has been setup with their "Race Traitor" tag and has been granted access to the special forum where they can now discuss WTF it is they want to do with the $9k they raised for P:E.

And then once that's done, I'll ban them. All of them. And expunge their RTwP supporting filth from the prestigious glory of the Codex!

NOTE: The 1 month ad-free per $5 donated will take some time to setup. But rest assured you'll get it. Eventually. One day.

UPDATE: And in other news, the Project: Eternity KickStarter has closed, raising a final $3,986,879 of $1,100,000 goal, with 73,985 backers. With 362% of their goal, that makes it slightly more successful than Wasteland 2's KS campaign in percentage terms, but putting them over $1 Million ahead in dollar terms.

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